Offshore KDP Nazis

Yes, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and their offshore goons are at it again. Not a surprise to myself or anyone dealing with their brain-dead KDP platform goons — not a single KDP representative works in the USA. Of course as I've stated, it is IMPOSSIBLE to contact KDP by phone to clear up any problems — not even for Amazon representatives in America. Yes, you have e-mail. If you are lucky enough to hit the jackpot, you may even get an e-mail that is NOT a form letter. Too bad the English is so bad it is nearly unreadable. 

For example, I quote verbatim on an answer to an old question regarding public domain titles:
"To publish books with illustrations, it is not necessary that it must be previously published." -- KDP Incompetent Moron.

What does this mean? Who knows. Who cares? Once your account is blocked, it's one strike and your out! Forever! Even if it's due to massive incompetence by KDP! There is no appeal.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished by the Bastards at KDP

So, I helped a friend get published on KDP and set up an account with KDP. All is well and good. I stop by this persons house, and without thinking, I use her computer to leave a favorable review for her new publication on Amazon.com with an old account of mine. Guess what happens? The KDP bastards step in to bust heads that are innocent! My friend is terminated because I left a positive review for their work! After trying to appeal the decision from KDP, here is the nice form letter we received --

Verbatim from KDP:

Thank you for your email concerning the status of your account.

We’ve reviewed the information you provided and have reevaluated the relationship between previously terminated accounts and your KDP account. Our evaluation process takes multiple criteria into consideration when establishing relations between accounts, and we take action based on those criteria. 

Upon further review, we are upholding our previous decision to terminate your KDP account and remove all your books from the Kindle Store. Having multiple KDP accounts is a violation of our Terms and Conditions, and we are confident that your account is related to an account that has already been terminated due to violations of our Content Guidelines. As a result, we will not be reinstating your account. 


This person has NO association with my old banned account. No appeal. Just dictatorship. "We are Judge, jury and hangmen" is KDP's motto. All offshore, all incompetent. Its the MO of the KDP bastards. Wiping out a perfectly legit account, because I wrote a positive review for their work on Amazon.com  from an old banned account on this persons computer.  It was my mistake to sign into an old account on their computer to leave a review of their work — a mistake I'll never make again.

Get Back on Amazon!
Of course I will get this new author back on KDP in short order. But it goes to show how unreasonable and paranoid KDP behaves. There is no reasoning with the KDP Nazi goons. Let me show you how to give those bastards a taste of their own medicine...

If you haven't already, be sure to check out our Fool-Proof Guaraneed guide, Black-listed by KDP.  In four 
easy steps, you will be guided how to GET back on Amazon and STAY back on Amazon without any worries, all legally.



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