Have you suddenly been "suspended"  by Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing Platform?

Here is what will NOT get you re-instated with Amazon after a Suspension:
  • Writing e-mails to KDP -- you'll get endless form letters in response
  • Following their "rules" more closely -- an imaginary infraction is all they need.
  • Begging -- they don't care, its ALL offshore
  • Arguing -- most have difficulty comprehending English.
  • Threats -- did I mention KDP is ALL OFFSHORE? Do you plan on winning a lawsuit against Amazon.com by yourself? 
  • Calling -- sorry Charlie, its all offshore ZERO phone support!
The truth of the matter is, once your suspended, your GONE. Once your account is suspended it is PERMANENT. No further appeals, no recourse. 

But there is another way to re-establish your author / publishing account with Amazon....

In four easy steps I will show you how to get and stay on KDP. I guarantee this works. Every month you are off KDP you lose exposure and money. For less than a $20 investment, you can be back on KDP!

Available as an INSTANT download or eBook. Pick up your copy Today and get back on Amazon!



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