If you have been unfairly target by KDP and have had your publishing account suspended, here is your opportunity for another chance!

In four easy steps, I will show you how to get your KDP account back online in days. It is a simple process and it works. No complicated computer tricks - I show you in a simple manner that is easy to understand.

Losing your Amazon publishing account can be devastating as Kindle is the "big boy on the block." I know my revenues were smashed after having lost my account -- I was losing thousands of dollars. I was desperate to get back on -- I pleaded and begged to with the offshore KDP team, but to no avail. I even demonstrated PROOF that I was in compliance. I was given "form" responses and apologetically shut down -- permanently.  

Then I found a way back on KDP. I've been back for months. I have no fear of losing my account again. Why? Because I follow the advice I give you in this book.

How much are you LOOSING by being off KDP? Hundreds? Thousands? For an investment of $19.00 you can be on your way to being back on KDP in days. I guarantee it!



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