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Get Back on Kindle Direct Publishing
Considering the massive growth of the Kindle in the e-publishing industry, I know how devastating it can be to lose your publishing privileges on Amazon due to a bogus suspension.  With the holiday season right around the corner and sales like this it is IMPERATIVE for you to get back on Amazon if you are a publisher or author. Everyday you are off Amazon is a loss of revenue and exposure.

Get Back on Amazon GUARANTEED or Your Money Back!
Try my proven system of getting back on KDP. If you follow this program (and don't mess with "public domain" publishing and don't break publishing rules) I GUARANTEE you will get back on amazon and STAY back on KDP! 

If this system does not get you back on KDP and keep you there as an author or publisher, I will refund your money.

Every day you are off amazon's KDP you are losing money and valuable exposure. For a small investment of $19, you can beat amazon's blacklist!

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I'm Suspended from Amazon, Now What?

All hope is not lost if  you have been suspended by Amazon's KDP.

The most popular and best option is to make certain that you are publishing with Smashwords. Smashwords is a distributor of eBooks by independent authors to various vendors and distributors. They provide excellent royalties and distribute your works to major vendors such as Barnes & Noble.

The Good, the Bad an the Ugly
The downside of Smashwords? First, you will need to properly format your works for Smashwords (we can help you with that, contact us) so that it can make it into the "Premium Catalog" where other publishers will distribute your books. Secondly, the revenue you generate by having your works on Smashwords will not be nearly as large as having your works carried by Amazon's KDP. Thirdly, you are not allowed to publish Public Domain titles (probably a good thing). 

I publish my works with both Smashwords and Amazon.  I love Smashwords, but they simply don't generate nearly as many sales as Amazon does. Yet if you are suspended from Amazon, Smashwords is an absolute necessity.

We hope even if your not suspended from Amazon you will check out Smashwords, they take good care of their authors and are very fair.

Get Back on Amazon!
From a revenue standpoint, you will want to be back on Amzon.com to sell your eBooks. It's simple math -- you will generate more money and have more exposure by being on Amazon.com.

If you haven't already, be sure to check out our Fool-Proof Guaraneed guide, Black-listed by KDP.  In four 
easy steps, you will be guided how to GET back on Amazon and STAY back on Amazon without any worries, all legally.

Best of luck!
Jack Thompson