What You are Missing if You are Suspended by Amazon
This year amazon has announced that eBook sales now outstrip print sales.

If you are like me and have books both in print and eBook version, you know from experience this is true. The lion's share of my revenue as an author came from eBooks sold on KDP.

For every 100 print books sold in the UK, 114 eBooks are sold through the UK platform of KDP as of August of 2012. This year Amazon's KDP has expanded to Japan.

After being suspended by amazon, I had to rely on print sales -- and it was tough. I sold triple or more eBook versions than print books. I had to get back on amazon if I was to survive...

Failed Attempts and Misinformation
After searching on the web for "free" information, I re-established an account. It was good for about one month, then I was "busted" again by amazon's KDP. I knew that the so called "free" info on the web just wasn't going to work.

I tried again. Again I was suspended -- this time with lose of royalties. I tried finding a lawyer that would take on amazon's KDP as I had proof I was following the "Guidelines" published by KDP. No lawyer would take me or take on amazon. Besides, it would cost me a fortune to even try to battle a billion dollar company.

More research was done. I tried again and created another KDP account. Now I've been back on Amazon selling my eBooks with NO hitches and I'll stay on as long as I follow my own advice.

Get Back on Amazon GUARANTEED or Your Money Back!
Try my proven system of getting back on KDP. If you follow this program (and don't mess with "public domain" publishing and don't break publishing rules) I GUARANTEE you will get back on amazon and STAY back on KDP! 

If this system does not get you back on KDP and keep you there as an author or publisher, I will refund your money.

Every day you are off amazon's KDP you are losing money and valuable exposure. For a small investment of $19, you can beat amazon's blacklist.

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I'm SHOCKED to see so much MISINFORMATION floating freely about the internet about how to beat an Amazon suspension.

Thus far, ALL of what I've seen is WRONG. You WILL be suspended AGAIN if you follow their "advice."  As the saying goes, "you get what you pay for."

Think on this for a moment: if you "go cheap" and gamble on getting your account set up again using a "free" method, you WILL be found out, sooner or later, and YOU WILL LOSE ALL UNPAID ROYALTIES if they know it is a another user account! 

Don't Believe Me? Read this Official Response from KDP:
After pursuing KDP for MONTHS for a straight answer as to why my FIRST account was suspended, I did receive an e-mail that wasn't a from letter. I provided documentation, screen shots and their own publishing guidelines proving works were in compliance. After over 3 MONTHS of dogged pursual as to why my works did not comply with KPD here is the FINAL RESPONSE  from "Ruweida" in "Executive Customer Relations" from KDP:

"With regard to your royalties for the more recent account you created on...no royalties will be paid. As we mentioned before, accounts that are created after a related account has been terminated are not eligible to receive unpaid royalties.

I regret the inconvenience this situation may cause you, but we will not reconsider this decision or offer any further insight on this matter."

Well, I certainly felt better now that I knew "Ruweida" felt bad about stealing my royalties and suspending my account WITHOUT offering "any further insight on this matter." I thought I was finished. But I beat "Ruweida" and her offshore team...

Keep Your Sanity (and Your Royalties) -- Do it Right the FIRST Time
Is loosing your author royalties worth saving $19 bucks on a PROVEN and GUARANTEED System? You'll lose more on UNPAID royalties than you will spend on this system! If you've been suspended you know the misery and financial devastation it can cause. I'm hoping to spare you that misery!


Have you suddenly been "suspended"  by Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing Platform?

Here is what will NOT get you re-instated with Amazon after a Suspension:
  • Writing e-mails to KDP -- you'll get endless form letters in response
  • Following their "rules" more closely -- an imaginary infraction is all they need.
  • Begging -- they don't care, its ALL offshore
  • Arguing -- most have difficulty comprehending English.
  • Threats -- did I mention KDP is ALL OFFSHORE? Do you plan on winning a lawsuit against Amazon.com by yourself? 
  • Calling -- sorry Charlie, its all offshore ZERO phone support!
The truth of the matter is, once your suspended, your GONE. Once your account is suspended it is PERMANENT. No further appeals, no recourse. 

But there is another way to re-establish your author / publishing account with Amazon....

In four easy steps I will show you how to get and stay on KDP. I guarantee this works. Every month you are off KDP you lose exposure and money. For less than a $20 investment, you can be back on KDP!

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