The most common question publishers have is how to get a new social security number — in a legal manner.

That can be tough, right? In the "Blacklisted by KDP" manual I show you exactly how to get a new form of identity INSTANTLY and EASILY.

It's very simple and easy to do -- if you know how and where to go. I outline this procedure in step 3 of the four steps to re-establish your suspended KDP account through Amazon.

If you are a banned publisher or author, every day you are off KDP is more exposure and money you are losing. Pick up this manual now by ordering your copy!


If you have been unfairly target by KDP and have had your publishing account suspended, here is your opportunity for another chance!

In four easy steps, I will show you how to get your KDP account back online in days. It is a simple process and it works. No complicated computer tricks - I show you in a simple manner that is easy to understand.

Losing your Amazon publishing account can be devastating as Kindle is the "big boy on the block." I know my revenues were smashed after having lost my account -- I was losing thousands of dollars. I was desperate to get back on -- I pleaded and begged to with the offshore KDP team, but to no avail. I even demonstrated PROOF that I was in compliance. I was given "form" responses and apologetically shut down -- permanently.  

Then I found a way back on KDP. I've been back for months. I have no fear of losing my account again. Why? Because I follow the advice I give you in this book.

How much are you LOOSING by being off KDP? Hundreds? Thousands? For an investment of $19.00 you can be on your way to being back on KDP in days. I guarantee it!